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Grub Control

White GrubWhite grubs are the larvae stage of a variety of adult beetles. They live underneath grass and feed on the root system. If left alone, they will destroy a patch of grass at a time until there is nothing left. It may take a while to kill your whole lawn, but they will continue to multiply each year, feeding more and more. Furthermore, they will attract animals such as moles and skunks who like to feed on them.

If you can pull your grass up like a carpet, you have grub damage. Since they eat the roots of the grass, it becomes detached from the soil below and will start to lift up easily. If you peel it up a little, you will see the grubs below. After the roots of the grass are gone, you will start to see spots in your lawn turning yellow or brown.

We recommend a yearly application for most lawns. Even if you do not notice damage, this is a very important preventative maintenance that should be performed. Grubs cause a lot of damage to a lot of lawns. Don't let yours be next.

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