Flea And Tick Control

Flea & Tick ControlFleas and ticks are dangerous and annoying pests that spread disease by taking blood meals. Protect your yard, children and pets from dangerous, disease spreading insects by calling Improve-A-Lawn today.

There are four active species of ticks in New Jersey. The most common disease spread by ticks is Lyme Disease, which when contracted by humans and pets can cause severe joint, heart and nervous system problems. Babesiosis is another major disease passed on by ticks which is similar to malaria. Up to 50% of black legged ticks are infected by some disease with 95% of all cases occurring in the Northeast US.

Our flea and tick service will also help control over 75 other species of pests. Here is a list of some of the other insects that can be controlled by this application.

  • Mosquitos
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Chinch Bugs
  • Mites
  • Stink Bugs
  • Millipedes
  • Maggots
  • Pill Bugs
  • Sod Webworm
  • Army Webworm
  • Cutworm
  • Billbugs
  • Mole Crickets

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